Someone needs to be run out of town on a rail. **Updated…Judge modifies her ruling.

Reposting from Old NFO:

SO we have an unfit mother….Who lost her child because her child was removed from the home by CPS.
We have the father, a deployed naval sailor.

We have an activist asshole judge, who provides no recourse for the father to appear in court or lose custody of his daughter…EVEN THOUGH HE IS ON A SUBMARINE CURRENTLY UNDER THE PACIFIC OCEAN.

Now me, I see a good reason for a protest outside of the judges haunts….a loud one, making him very nervous….trample his her flowerbeds, ruin his her neighbor’s peace and tranquility, follow him her wherever he goes, etc.

Peacefully, of course.

And as I posted on NFO’s site, I’d break into the gun fund to contribute to a legal defense fund. 

*Updated: Seems the Judge has seen fit to modify her ruling. Perhaps the bad press (and the fact that she looks like a fool) has made a difference? 

I still think she has disqualified herself from any judicial duties outside of traffic court, if that.

3 thoughts on “Someone needs to be run out of town on a rail. **Updated…Judge modifies her ruling.

  1. Minor quibble. I could be wrong, being that the judge seems to be chronically leftist, but since the judge's first name is Margaret, perhaps the his and hims should be shes and hers?

  2. Thanks for the cross post/link. And yeah, she's backed off all of a sudden…

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