Not all that it seemed….

SO the soldier, Bergdahl, wasn’t “captured” but rather walked off, according to REPORTS.

Puts a different spin on things, doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Not all that it seemed….

  1. Captivity? Ha! More like Complicity. That dude has been on a 5 year straight to Imam status crash course on Islam. There's no telling the amount of intel he gave them. There's no telling what all else he knows is in store for us here in America either. I wouldn't let his ass come home. If you love those flea infested desert dwellers so damned much, you can stay with them. And surely the guys who got out of Gitmo will be killed via air mail drop from a UAV once they get to where they're going. Don't think for a second they don't have Nano-trackers under their skin. Smile and wait boys…

  2. And the father of this moron wants to see this keep happening so we can empty Gitmo.

    I have access to a horsewhip.

  3. This was known in 2009, but covered up, didn't you wonder WHY the military never went after him?

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