Just stop

So more open carry activists (or maybe the same set of Retards) got asked to leave yet another restaurant or two.

In doing so, because of their stupid “activism” they are forcing two more restaurant chains to take a stand, where before they had not. Prior to this, both Chili’s and Sonic had chosen to ignore the shrill cries of “Moms Demand Action”, but, when forced to, they chose to make a statement that ultimately gave the anti-gunners a win, if only because they got a statement saying “Please don’t bring your guns here so we have to take notice of them”.

Please, just stop. Your activism is hurting rather than helping and I think most of the rest of us would rather you stay home in Mommy’s basement

If you are a member of that group, please stop. If you know someone who is (you don’t have to admit it) ask them to stop. While I would not go so far as to suggest that if you know someone who is going to go out next week and do some more activism you should catch them when they are leaving and whack them smartly in the left knee with a ball pein hammer, I would ask you to do whatever you can to discourage them from screwing things up for the rest of us.

Activism like this works better for the other side than for our side. 

2 thoughts on “Just stop

  1. It's not even "more" open-carry activists; it's the exact same assholes who messed things up at Chipotle–the fat guy and the little turd who bragged on facebook about selling dope. These disciples of CJ Grisham need to be sent to Afghanistan so they can open-carry rifles until they're sick of it. They always have that opportunity, mind you, but I guess that they just aren't that motivated or patriotic (or capable, by the look of things).

  2. I still think this is a false flag operation. The anti-gun folks enlist these two and have them do what they've been doing. Brief them on "what to say" using pro-gun buzz words and then turn them loose. And "magically" there's videos.

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