Sure, I’ll go for that

As soon as you cut the Federal tax on gasoline.

White house opens the door for tolls on *ALL* interstate highways.

Instead of deciding to run more efficiently, to stop wasting money, to use new technology and materials rather than building roads in the same way that we have for a hundred years, We gotta (of course) raise new taxes!

And you know that once they get the tolls in place, they’ll begin moving tax money to to other programs….and then raise tolls gain.

Correct me if I am wrong, but weren’t the tolls on the toll roads supposed to pay for the bonds that were issued to pay for the construction cost of the roads…and isn’t the current gas tax (and diesel) supposed to pay for the upkeep? Weren’t the tolls supposed to STOP once the bonds were paid off?

Yeah, I know, I am idealistic and foolish to think that any government entity would actually choose to shut down a revenue stream, especially one that the citizens were used to paying.

One thought on “Sure, I’ll go for that

  1. I thought the billion dollar "stimulus" was going to pay for roads bridges and infrastructure?

    Mandating higher MPG standards by 2020 will only bring lower gas tax revenues. Soon we will have a device on our car that collects driving data and we will be taxed per mile driven.

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