I’m up past my elbows in crockigators right now….(At this point, I may never take a few days off ever again…it ain’t worth the trouble when I come back) and can barely find time to do anything, much less blog.

But it occurs to me that this last weekend, there were a great  number of visitors to the Circle City (and the NRA Convention)…tens of thousands of visitors, carrying firearms (the actual number of CCW folks? Who knows? ) all packed into a fairly small place…

Yet there were no reported shootings, no mass murders, no faceoffs in the aisles of the convention…No one slapped leather in the parking garages….The restaurant and bars and taverns didn’t have anyone jerk a smokewagon and let fly with hot lead….

Odd, that.

The Anti-Gun folks claimed that the prevalence of firearms would lead to all sorts of mayhem. And there were  fairly large number of carriers of firearms that weekend. More than on most nights, what with all the visitors. According to them, red blood should have run ankle deep in the streets of downtown Indianapolis…. Maybe deeper.

Yet it didn’t.

Wonder why not?

Cultural? Demographics?

One wonders.

5 thoughts on “Y’know….

  1. Politeness… 🙂 That and all the usual suspects (accordining to an IDP Sgt I talked to) were no where to be found…

  2. "An armed society is a polite society . . ." So much wisdom in that book, probably have read it 5 times during my life.

    Good to meet you finally, enjoyed our chats and am looking forward to it again next year!

  3. It was a wonderful show and I'm glad I went on a day where the streets were not running red with blood.

  4. I've worked my entire life in places where all the employees were armed. There was the usual workplace drama, up to and including heated shouting matches. Nobody shot anybody ever.

    Normal people don't do that.

  5. According to the anti-gunners, the streets of Indy should have been ankle deep in blood.

    Because gun

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