On “arsenals”

So the cops in New York (Brooklyn) break down some doors execute a search warrant at a Brooklyn apartment and find an “arsenal”.

Go ahead, read the description of what they found. Cartridges with no guns for them, even. And codeine tablets!!!!

“It was enough to arm a small army or militia,” a police source said of the bust. “These guys were ready for war.”


Yeah, just wait ’til you find the real thing. Come out to the Midwest, find a real “arsenal” in homes. I mean, except for the carbine with a defaced serial number, we’ve got that and more. In our cars. Except for the codeine.

Arsenal. Right.]

5 thoughts on “On “arsenals”

  1. I have the codeine in my car too. I don't take it, won't use it, so I have like eight scrips I have accumulated over the years and never took one- codeine, vicodin, oxycodone, whatever. I usually keep a few in my first aid kit.

  2. Sigh… EIGHT frikkin guns??? YGTBSM… I've got that many in the closet that won't fit in the safe…

  3. I have no arsenal…I have an armory, dammit. They'd better get it straight when they come here.

    Of course if I suspect that they're coming, they won't find anything when they get here. Guns? What guns?

  4. I'd say the gun-count crowd are fools, but their repeated foolishness is part of a propaganda plan.

    Beware the man with one gun.

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