THe choice is bad (vote GOP and they’ll keep on doing what they have been, which is driving for the cliff at 40 MPH instead of 75 MPH….In other words DNC Lite…

Of don’t vote at all, which gives the DNC free reign…Which lead to the cliff at a speed of 125MPH…..

Borepatch has it right.

Me? I sometimes wonder if staving ff the inevitable as long as possible is that good of an idea…maybe we SHOULD make the crash happen sooner rather than watching it like a slow motion train wreck…

The only thing I am sure of is that voting for the GOP won’t fix things.

5 thoughts on “‘Zactly

  1. Nope, it won't. Not as the GOP is now. But if you want the GOP to have someone worth voting for, the only way that will ever happen is with YOUR involvement. Politics is not a switch that you can change from left to right, it's a tug of war. Drop the rope and you lose by default. And a lot of people are dead in the ground who "Waited" for the crash and when the crash came it got worse. Talk to someone who lived under communism and escaped.

    me, while I have fight left in me, I fight. There will never be a bloody revolution where the good people rise up and take over, that is a fantasy that can and will never happen. The revolution comes not with a bang but with a hundred years hard work.

  2. I don't disagree with you

    But the fact is that we voted (unhappily) for McCain and then got Rommney as a candidate 4 years later because they thought we'd always vote for their guy…, and a lot of other lesser evils that weren't what anyone wanted….The GOP has become "DNC Lite"…and not terribly different than the other choices.

    Voting FOR the GOP is a guarantee to fail, until they choose to change. Not voting is voting for the opposition though….

    It's almost as if they want to lose.

  3. Those mcains and Romney's get there because the media puts them there. That is something that we can work on.

  4. I Dont know. Could be that I just love this country and think its worth working for.

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