I have a poster hanging on the wall of my business:

For each of my people to see, and hopefully learn from.

It says:

“Business goes where it is invited, and stays where it is cared for”.

Is it any wonder why Toyota is moving?

In Today’s world, information infrastructure and connectivity means that there is no real barrier to placing your headquarters anywhere you wish to.

You can run a business from nearly anywhere…

So why not choose a place that welcomes businesses and that keeps your cost low? Why NOT move away from a place where you are taxed and overregulated? Where you are made to feel unwelcomed and undervalued…

Why not take your approximately 5000 employees (and their spending) to a place where you feel welcomed and where you aren’t hindered at every turn?

Expect more of this soon. Especially from NY, NJ, Conn, Illinois, the rest of CA and, if they don’t wake up, Wisconsin….and other bluer states