Controlling the signal:

So it seems to work like this:

something happens, and the people get interested…

People get interested enough to put things on the internet.

Enough people read it and then make posts,show video on YouTube,Vimeo and so on…Facebook entries,etc.

Then people begin to show up in support of the action,

Video is taken (More YouTube), and then more people show up.

Eventually, a reporter (notice I didn’t say “Journalist”) takes notice and broadcasts it on local media

If this happens often enough, National media takes notice, All those people make good press.

And shortly thereafter, once the light is shown on an overreaching government, the situation is resolved.

People won this for the nation today. Support of the Bundy’s got enough media attention that the BLM had to either back down or have their actions placed under close scrutiny.

It may not be over, but Saturday, April 12th was a victory, a great one.

The difference between this situation and Waco and Ruby Ridge was that people were informed early and in detail thanks to the internet, and some folks reacted early enough to get there before the situation could be contained and the story controlled by the feds.

Thus endeth the lesson today.

2 thoughts on “Victory

  1. There's also a lesson for the .gov…..act decisively sooner….

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