I got a question:

Not to beat this Bundy/BLM thing to death, but I have questions:

Are the BLM “Police” really law enforcement officers?

How do they have the right to close public roads (and “Public” lands) to keep people away from an area?

While the above was happening where were the true law enforcement officers: Sheriff and Nevada Highway Patrol? One would have thought that they might have been interested in such happenings in their state/county, and possibly the citizens therein. Were I a citizen of that state (and especially Clark County, I’d be asking….

Enquiring minds want to know…

ETA: News reports all say that the “Tea Party and Militia” protesters were “Heavily armed with rifles”. Strangely, I have yet to see even one photo or video clip showing even ONE rifle. Not one.
Is this just spin? Fears that the Feds had that some of the protesters might have had the ability to project force if they were fired upon? Or were there really rifles in the crowd?