It is accelerating again:

The protesters are growing less compliant.

And the BLM cops are afraid. Watch the video. It shows

I expect that since the BLM boys are outnumbered about 2:1, that at some point someone on the protesters side is gonna strike one of ’em, and at that point things will go all pear shaped.

The cops are gonna react, and draw guns, and then the other side is gonna do the same.

I hope not, but I foresee this happening of someone doesn’t back off.

Not sure what the laws are in Nevada regarding the carriage of long guns, and the open carry rules aren’t clear, but at some point a protester is gonna use one if the police continue. If a protester is shot, or a cop, then it’ll become real war.

I’d hate to see that happen, Hate to see a cop (or a protester) get hurt or killed…. but I think if it does happen it’ll change a lot of attitudes. I wonder if Mr. Bundy is willing to see anyone killed for his principles? I wonder if the cops are willing to get killed for their bosses position (or are willing to kill for someone else’s principle)?

I notice that these protesters seem to know all the tricks…How far to push the police, and how to counter the Tazers and a lot of other tricks….Are they professional protesters? Or are they friends, neighbors and family? It makes a difference. One would ask what a pregnant woman is doing on the front line of such a protest (if she is really pregnant).

One point:
 The BLM refuses to manage the overpopulation  of wild horses and burros that has been an issue for years, the excess horses outnumber the cattle and are as “harmful” to the desert tortoises as the Bundy’s cattle are. But they claim they don’t have the money to round up the horses…but they have the money to round up the cattle.

**ETA: Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval pointed earlier to what he called “an atmosphere of intimidation,” resulting from the roundup and said he believed constitutional rights were being trampled.

But, sadly, the good Governor isn’t willing to do anything about the overreaching feds…

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  1. The videos coming out of Nevada are disturbing. I agree, the protesters seem finely tuned to agitation. Maybe they are community organizers?

    200 LEO/Feds are there, supposedly. I'd like to know how many said "no" to the mission. Shame on those who said "yes."

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