And yet, the police do it all the time….

Former firefighter acquitted after mistaking police for burglars.

Seems he heard noises and saw shapes in his neighbors yard and took his firearm with him to investigate.

It were the Po-Po, who took offense at being interrupted while searching for a suspect, and the fact that a citizen had a gun (We are talking New Jersey here…)

Anyway, they claim he pointed it at them. He claims otherwise.

But the money quote?

“I just don’t see how people can grab a shotgun and rack it and stand on their front porch and point it at someone,” said Pennsville Police Chief AJ Cummings.

Yet how many times a day does a cop draw on a person whom they have no reason to believe is a danger?

“Only ones” and all that…..

2 thoughts on “And yet, the police do it all the time….

  1. Hell, didn't our crazy uncle, Joe Biden, say that we should get a shotgun and fire it in the air to scare away prospective intruders? Seems to me he was doing exactly the right thing.
    Josh R.

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