Back to real world.

It was nice meeting with everyone. I have a ton of stuff to go over and a boatload of pictures to rassle out of the camera.

It was wonderful reconnecting with my Indy blog friends, and meeting new ones.

A BIG thank you to Old NFO for his shindig. Sorry you left before I could say goodbye last night, and that we missed you on Sunday before we had to hit the road…(we went to Room 120 several times, but you weren’t there when we were).

In talking a with a bunch of the staff at the convention, it was clear that they were impressed by the crowd. The cops said that they were bored, as NOTHING happened…The folks serving drinks and food said that they weren’t used to people being polite and saying “Please” and “Thank You” and the people responsible for policing wayward trash hadn’t done much policing all weekend because “one of y’all will likely pick up stuff and put it in the can before we get to it”.

I was kinda proud of my tribe there….

More later, I gotta work…

3 thoughts on “Back to real world.

  1. Dang, sorry about that… Y'all travel safe and it was great to see y'all again!!! 😉

  2. Good to see you again, Mr. B. Thanks for the info on the daily carry. You're sure she takes VISA?

  3. Don: It was especially good to see you again.

    Glad to see they let you out and that you are doing well.

    THe rest is between the two of you.

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