Awesome day.

SO Friday was the day I had planned to spend at the NRA show, and that is what we did.

Saturday was the famous “All you can eat and carry”… “get ’em while they last”… “One day only” shooters blowout class by Ambulance Driver hisself. I had my training refreshed, and learned a bit and was entertained. My thanks to Kelly Grayson and to TOTWTYTR for their class

Then,  lunch with friends and then a walk around Broadripple with Karl Ushanka and the lovely Mrs. Ushanka while I was accompanied by Midwest Chick.

Then Old NFO‘s blogmeet extraordinaire.Not sure what it cost him, but the beer and drinks flowed and the food was awesome.

If you weren’t there for all of these then you really really missed out.

I’ll try to do an AAR  for each later.

Outa time

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  1. Thank you sir, but the folks there MADE the event… 😉

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