So I asked….

Seems that Chase Bank is open on President’s day (which, IMO, should still be Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthday, not a National Holiday that always falls on a Monday so that the Federal workers can get an extra long weekend)…

Now while I found this conveneient for by business banking, I asked the manager why they were open on President’s day, but not MLK day, as both were national holidays.

“we are closed on MLK day out of respect for Martil Luther King, and because it is important to our minority customers.”

Well, see, now we have an issue, dude. “cause I find it DIS-respectful that you are open today, as both Lincoln and Washington ARE PERSONAL HEROES OF MINE”

“yeah, we’ve heard it a lot lately. I’ll let you talk to my boss…..” and he proceeds to pull out his cell phone and call his boss…”yeah, another one”..and he hands he phone to me.

so I say my piece and he apologizes and I hang up.

Now here is the thing…

I really don’t care if the bank is open on either holiday. But if they are going to be closed for MLK day, then they really should be closed for President’s day….of open on both.

Why do they give more respect to a (admittedly brave) black preacher than to an abolitionist or to the founding father of our country?

I think it is for fear of being labeled racist….Else they wouldn’t bother to close at all.

2 thoughts on “So I asked….

  1. You do have a good point, and obviously you were NOT the first to comment on it…

  2. Because until recently people like you were not the one's complaining. They will get the picture or maybe they won't.

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