“And yet it moves”

Today is the 450th birthday of Galileo Galilei. (Go ahead, use Google, you’ll find lots of links and might learn something)…..Who believed in Heliocentrism in support of Copernicus…..That the Earth revolves around the Sun, rather than the other way ’round….And who was imprisoned by the Church because his beliefs were opposed to Church doctrine.

How many other doctrines held true today will be seen as transparently wrong years in the future? 

ETA: Read this and weep

6 thoughts on ““And yet it moves”

  1. Ok, kept under "house arrest".

    ANd he was found "vehemently suspect of heresy"…for preaching helocentrism against the doctrine of the Church…

    I stand corrected.

    It's still his birthday.

  2. Indeed.

    You'd have had to see his house to understand what "House arrest" was like.

    Yes, it was his birthday, and he was a petulant child spoiling for a fight all his life. Here's a little essay about it.


  3. My understanding is he was allowed a lot of leniency in his "house Arrest" as well.

  4. it is a genuine shame that the situation has been so misrepresented, but it has been misrepresented by people with a specific agenda.

  5. Agendas… As both of y'all have indicated, are at the root of many doctrines…

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