How long?

How long do you have to own a firearm before you can transfer it to someone else and not be a part of a “Straw Purchase”?

It is a valid question.

10 minutes? 10 days? Months? Years?

This a serious question. It could affect all of us. And, sadly, the Supremes will likely do things the way they always do and rule narrowly, leaving the above question unanswererd.

Here is the issue: Say I buy pistol….the newest Super-Duty Blastomatic from Guns-R-Us….I own it a week, take it to the range and try it, and I don’t like it. Can I sell it next week? Or do I have to wait a time before I can do so. …..EVEN IF I go through an FFL to sell it to another person….Have I broken a law?

That is what essentially happened in this case. Dude got a discount on a weapon because of his LEO credentials….Chose not to keep his purchase. Sold it through an FFL to his uncle. So Uncle isn’t a Prohibited Person, ’cause he passed a NICS check. 

So how long do we have to own a gun before we can sell it? Seriously.

Note these quotes:

“The assistant to the solicitor general, Joseph Palmore, admitted to the court that the ATF was “interpreting” the will of Congress when it added the “actual buyer” question in 1995 on the background form.”


” Mr. Palmore said the other “critical” purposes of the ATF’s agenda with
determining the final buyer was “tracing of firearms and to prevent the
anonymous stockpiling of firearms.” Uncle Sam is not supposed to be
getting involved in a citizen’s decision to buy as many guns as he
decides he wants to defend himself.”

Re read that last….Read it again.

Any doubts as to the agenda?

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  1. Nope… and what are they going to do with those that have inherited family guns (OMG NO traceability)…. Elevenzies…

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