Just plain damned cold.

-18 give or take with wind chills in the -40’s.

That’s the prediction for the next few days.

I bet I meet a bunch of truckers that aren’t smart enough to buy a $25 bottle of fuel treatment and add it to their fuel. They’ll gell up and then bitch about having to be towed (circa $800) and then be charged another $500 to have their fuel treated and their fuel systems purged of the gelled fuel after being warmed in a garage. 

Or, we will have a few whose batteries are marginal on a warm day, who will bitch that they have to pay about $400 to have someone come out and start their trucks. But it only costs about $300 for a set of batteries that will likely have enough reserve power to start a truck on a cold day…..if they treat their fuel. And they still won’t buy new batteries afterwards.

Fools. Penny wise and pound foolish. You’d think that they’d learn after many years on the road…..But they apparently can’t.

But hey, we don’t mind taking their money. Lots of overtime and lots of profit.

Likely, someone who fails to do one of the above things will have serious frostbite from staying a cold, broken semi truck. Likely from not having a decent set of winter clothing. Happens every time we get some bad weather.

Cheapness will get you.

Me: The truck (a diesel) is full of treated fuel, and I am positive that it will start at colder temps than this. (If I bother to shut it off….it only burns about 0.4 gallons an hour). I’ll leave with gear that will enable me to walk to safety if I should need to.

Stupidity should hurt….and in this case, it’ll hurt your wallet.

I am, however, growing tired of all this global warming. I am running out of places to push and pile it. 

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  1. Excellent point(s)… It's the 'simple' things that get overlooked to their detriment… And no, they won't spend the $$

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