White Privilege

(for which I will no doubt be called (yet again) a racist….so be it)

So there is a lot of talk lately about “white privilege….You know, that supposed advantage that some of us have because we are white (Caucasian), as opposed to brown (Hispanic) or black (Negro) in ancestry.

I guess it is true. Many of the people I see who are successful have been white. However, many other successful people aren’t white.

Some of those people who aren’t white overcame a lot of prejudices to succeed, obstacles that I did not have. But they also didn’t make excuses for their failures, but capitalized on their successes. Some used all of the benefits that a guilty feeling society gave them over whites…”set asides”, “quotas”, low interest loans to start a business, etc. But they succeeded because of who they were. Are there barriers to success if you are a “minority”? Perhaps. There are also positives to that, however…In many cases a “minority” will get preferences that a “white” person will not. But some people, somehow, succeed despite all of the barriers to success, be they white black, or brown.

Most of the successful people did have the same advantage that I had: A family that imbued them with a work ethic, that taught them how to behave in society…..They are polite, respectful of others, they can speak English, they graduated high school….. they didn’t become a parent at 17….They didn’t get arrested for drug possession as a teenager…..they weren’t running with a bad crowd at 16. Didn’t grow up in a culture dominated by thugs-like men and whore-like women as heroes and role models. Learned to see beyond the immediate, and to look to the future and plan for it.

And that, my friends, is where the “white privilege” is….. It is being raised by a decent set of parents…not one who is absent, or in prison…..Knowing who your father is, where he is, and having him as a part of your life….to guide them and to teach them how to be a successful part of society.

Now, I guess that being white helps, as white people tend to have families moreso than blacks and hispanics. For that, you can blame the white liberals in the 60’s and 70’s for deciding that black people (and eventually Hispanics) were unable to take care of themselves, and therefore the State had to do so….even if it meant that in doing so, it would destroy the culture that was, if repressed, quite successful and decent.

And, sadly, having damaged the Black culture and societal structure, and then the Hispanic family structure and society, they have been working at the White society for the past 10 years.  And they are succeeding there as well.

But realize: success is not a black/white/Hispanic thing. It is a culture thing….with its roots based in FAMILY. And PARENTING. Learning t be successful in our society means learning a set of rules of behavior….

There are many people out there, black, white, and hispanic who are never going to be successful because they don’t know how to succeed and likely never will learn…their families never taught them how to. There are many others whose FAMILY has taught/is teaching them to succeed, at least in some measure, because they have class, and a culture of success, not of blaming others for their failure. But the first group will fail to succeed… Because our government and the liberal do-gooders taught their parents (or grandparents) it was easier to let the State feed and clothe and house you, and in doing so destroy the societal structure that enables success, so there is no culture of success to pass to their children. They don’t know how!

5 thoughts on “White Privilege

  1. I see the device of "white privilege" to be a manipulative tool of censorship. If you have an opinion, they say "Check Your Privilege" which essentially says, "You may not speak on this issue, because I have decided so". It is censorship, it is silencing opposition to more draconian policies that they wish to implement.

  2. The family is the most important thing, and that group of actions- becoming a couple, having children, raising them with values, sending them into the world to do the same-is the engine of civilization. The welfare state destroyed the family and inserted itself as patriarch instead, and that has wrought destruction.

  3. KEY sentence… "A family that imbued them with a work ethic, that taught them how to behave in society… They are polite, respectful of others, they can speak English, they graduated high school."

    THAT IS what counts!

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