These people are sheep

Standing in line to register guns that are “bad” because of cosmetic features. 

Not yet banned, but “we need to know where they are” so that they won’t be used to ….?

Lining up to tell the State which houses to come to when confiscation (inevitably) happens.

Me? I’d bury ’em until I could move out of state. Or give them to an out of state friend for safekeeping until I could move.

I’d not stand in line to make myself a target of State investigations…


2 thoughts on “These people are sheep

  1. With luck the state will have forgotten to monitor the sale of plastic sewage pipe c/w end caps.

  2. It's hard to believe that many people were willing to go along with the scam. They had video of it on the news while it was going on. You hit it on the head with the "sheep". I am afraid I will be an outlaw should the stupidity come to hoosier land. I can step over the Kentucky line fairly easily, so that would be my first course of action. Indiana seems to be way more sensible than the liberal states and I hope it shall remain so.

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