Guess that they really don’t need my support:

SO the Republicans…Not, BTW, Conservatives, have made a deal with the Devil in order to prevent sequestration cuts from happening early next year.

Yeah, like that will help our Republic.

No real spending cuts, just paper trimmings of the mythical future spendings.

I was gonna buy a new gun in January and put it on my Visa card, but I changed my mind……did I cut $650 from my budget? Not the way I look at it. Nor will Visa see it that way either.

The GOP leadership may well have had good reasons to do what they did, but they have not articulated those reasons to me. And until they do, and as long as that weasel Boehner exists as Speaker of the House and gets to rant about how Conservatives and Tea Party types are making his job harder, the GOP will get Zero support from me.

Yes, I understand that the budget is always a compromise, and that there has to be give and take on both sides. But perhaps they need to learn how to negotiate. Capitulation without getting something in return isn’t negotiating….it is surrender. You have not negotiated, you have turned your back to the opposition and bent over and raised your skirt.  And you want to compromise on Illegal Immigration/Amnesty as well?

I see no real cuts in government, only cuts in future growth that may or may not ever really happen.  I don’t see the deficit being slashed, nor do I see the debt being reduced. All I really see is smoke and mirrors and lies and deceit. And above all, I see more funding for Nanny State government programs and zero reductions in the welfare state/entitlements” that are choking this country and our culture to death. We already saw the cuts in Military spending, but not the cuts on the other side.

So I say this to the GOP and to the Republican candidates: No more choosing the lesser of the two weasels evils. I no longer believe that you will actually fix things….No more support in any way. You’ll get nothing from me unil you begin REPRESENTING me and my kind. I’ll not vote for, nor support, nor allow your campaign to use my property for election signage, nor in any way help you to prevail against your only-slightly-worse opponents as I have in the past… I may well do all I can to oppose you where possible. For you have abused my trust and chosen to sup with the devil.

And that, for me, puts you beyond the pale.

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  1. And NONE of the following congresses will be bound by what they've done… sigh

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