4 thoughts on “From a good day to a bad day in an instant:

  1. So the three drivers whose cars struck those people weren't drunk or drugged up.
    They should still be charged with driving without due care and attention, and maybe going too fast for the conditions.

  2. Yep, and that is truly a sad situation, but he was doing what he'd always done, help people…

  3. I dunno about that Frank: It was clear one minute then zero visibility and blowing snow the next…then clear again.

    Having said that, slowing down might have helped. Apparently they were hit by the first car then run over by the following two.

  4. There is an innate desire in humans- especially male humans- to want to fix things. To punish someone or something for something bad that happened.

    Sometimes things are really nobody's fault, just a horrible tragedy, and this certainly is. it doesn't necessarily seem that anyone is at fault, but it is certainly the case that being more careful might have helped.

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