2 different versions of reality?

Go read this article. Apparently the author is from some semi-parallel universe.

Take the time to red the comments. about 1/3 of the commenters only know the talking points put out by the DNC folks denigrating the Tea Party. Some of them think that it is a right for the “Government” to take from the “rich” and transfer that wealth to the poor. That people have a right to health care and to free shit especially if they are black or brown….and it is ok to take that from others who have worked for it.

It would seem that there are two versions of reality at play here….the one that I see, wherein the Tea Party folks care mostly about the spiraling increases in the deficit and want to see that cut back, and the other viewpoint, which is that we must give people whatever they cry for at someone else’s expense.

The fact that some people protest increased government growth (and spending) must make us racist because that spending is apparently primarily given to black and brown people (which I doubt).

The point is that I am somewhat scared not only because the author is apparently living in a somewhat distorted view of what I see as reality but also because more than 1/3 of the commenters seem to see the world in much the same way as she does.


2 thoughts on “2 different versions of reality?

  1. If you don't create an underclass of the ignorant you can never hope to maintain power. the left has done this better than anyone. They have done so by standing by their candidates no matter how ludicrous they are. And they have taught the right that it has to abandon every candidate that isn't in 100% agreement with us, so people stay home in droves, and worse and worse morons keep getting elected. using their own weapons is the only way to fight this.

  2. Yep, lots of dem talking points there… They must be bruning up the emails/faxes early every morning.

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