Veterans day.

While I have a LOT to say…..the thanks that my life in this country is, for the most part, lived in (relative) freedom….that I don’t have to fear for my life (or, so far, my government) and that I don’t speak German, or Japanese or Russian (or have to, because they run my country)….That I really have little to fear from Jihadists or Communists or Fascists:

It is likely that others in the Blogosphere will say it better and more eloquently. They will use better words and phrases, and will do so with greater literary talent than I have.

So just let me say, from my heart:

Thank you.

It is because of your and your comrades service…and sometimes sacrifice…that the first paragraph of this post is true. We, as a nation often forget that. We fail to appreciate the folks who prepare for war, yet hope that it never comes.

In WWII the women (who stayed home) proudly bore triangles with stars lapel pins and flew Service Flags for each family member who was serving. That tradition somehow died and we, as a nation have lost something since.

But please, allow me, living the good life because of you and those who served before you, to express my gratitude for your service.

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  1. It is for the love of a nation that appreciates us that we do so. I'm glad to have done so and would do so if I had to again.

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