So, Barry: About that “Affordable Care Act:

Since you feel that the law doesn’t do what you promised us it would (and assuming that you weren’t lying to us then just to get re-elected) then you really don’t know what the “Affordable Care Act” will do….do you?

I mean, setting aside “We have to pass it to find out whats in it” and all that other shit…

Since you really don’t know the ramifications of the enactment of this piece of legislation, and since you can’t even make a computer program and website work….

Shouldn’t we repeal or at least put on hold the entire thing until we DO know how it will affect all the citizens of the United States? Especially those who are paying the bill for the rest?

Or are you a liar? A lying scumbag socialist who wants to destroy the healthcare industry?

I make it 50-50 either way.

2 thoughts on “So, Barry: About that “Affordable Care Act:

  1. You mean, half moron, half malicious dirtbag? I would lean towards 70% moron, surrounded by malicious dirtbags.Certainly hard to imagine a third option.

  2. Even if Obamacare is repealed, will those doctors who retired go back to work?

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