Watching the watchers


Rialto, Ca.:

An interesting experiment conducted…..

When the video cameras were watching, cops used 60% less force. 

Strange, that. I guess it is harder to justify being aggressive and pushing (or worse) people around when there is a witness.

Also complaints against officers dropped by 88% .

Very interesting.


One thought on “Watching the watchers

  1. Odd that officers resisted the use of the cameras because they did not want "big brother" watching them, all the while missing the point:

    The cops themselves ARE big brother. No one wants to record the cops as they go about their private lives, but when they are at work, being paid by the public, and carrying out the public's business, they need to be recorded.

    I would add one further rule: any time a police officer faces a court case, if the video is unavailable for any reason, the court case is automatically decided against the cop. That will prevent "technical difficulties" from causing incriminating video to turn up missing.

    The only problem I see is what to do about bathroom breaks. How do we protect a cop from having his bathroom business being taped and viewed without giving that cop an opportunity to turn off the camera to give some poor guy an unrecorded hickory shampoo?

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