OMG!!!! Terrorism!!!!  See! We need the spy programs! We need to be able to read your emails and your texts and know who you called! It is for your own safety!Trust us!

Seems that the “credible threat” that closed all of our embassies WAS, in fact, somehow found via an intercepted conversation. 

Seems that the story is that the AlQeda folks somehow (and for some inexplicable reason?!?) broke operational security and communicated in the clear. PEOPLE WHOSE VERY EXISTENCE requires coded messages and good communications security. Yet, in this instance, they chose not to follow their security rules. They spoke about attacks….but not about targets.

Odd that.

Strange timing too. A very specific threat against unspecified targets. Be afraid. Jut not sure of what or where.

One could wonder. Wonder about this. Wonder if it is all just a justification for the spy programs of the NSA.

I mean, we really have no evidence that the threat was real, do we? And after all, AlQeda is “decimated”.

Draw your own conclusions.

Think “Wag The Dog” only with real people.

Once, long ago, I trusted my government. No longer. Not with “Astroturf” and fake activist groups and all that bullshit. All the media spin on the Treyvon Martin/G. Zimmerman case. Until I get more proof, I have to think this is a fake crisis, like so many before this. I guess I am a sceptic.

The sad part is that many of the citizens will believe. Will not question the timing.
Will give up even more freedom in order to have more perceived security.

One thought on “Toldja

  1. Mr. B, want to bet a lunch we will we be "on alert" through the Nov 14 elections?

    Good point about trust and our current govt. It used to be I'd be packing when our alert status was raised. Today I left it at home. And I haven't slept this good in a while.

    Raise the alert level again, and I'll wear my "Christ is Lord" t-shirt and do some recruiting at the local mosque. (NSA/DHS: I'm j/k)

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