Race relations:

So I interact with a lot of people.


Yesterday, I witnessed a terrible thing. The destruction of a worldview.

A man, a Palestinian immigrant to the United States, (who, BTW, is the living embodiment of the American Dream) who used to believe that the blacks were discriminated against (based on the discrimination he experienced as a dark skinned man with a Palestinian accent, and from witnessing discrimination daily, he says)….

Yet he now believes that the treatment of the Trayvon Martin incident and the overall excuses that the liberals have made for the black culture and failure thereof is enough. He’s had enough of making excuses. He stated that he has been awakened. He’s tired of the double standard for their behavior…Tired of the media and the government refusing to show the true facts. Tired of them excusing the high crime rates and the lawlessness.

I find it sad. Here is a man who believed that everyone is equal. who is becoming ever increasingly prejudiced.  Who is tired of not admitting the truth. Who feels that something must be done.

2 thoughts on “Race relations:

  1. To quote Parselmouth

    Reality doesn't care about your feelings.

    IOW Welcome to the Real World Pal.

    When illusions are dashed on the plains of despair on the way to the cliffs of insanity please avoid the screaming eels.

    And I've run out of quotes.

    In all seriousness, he's growing up and out of the deliberate mindhaze that the media and the politicians try to foster in everyone for their own agendas. Tell him to point out how he's been lied to, and remind him to point that out to others.

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