So what with summer and the fact that I am fairly busy with my business trying to make things work with a reduced staff and shorter workweek thanks to Obamacare, I haven’t been shooting as much.

Like at all. 200 rounds TOTAL in the last 60 days.

Until this last Sunday.

Man, my groups sucked.

I ran a 600 point practice Bullseye match at my range with a friend who had also been busy.

He shot a 472. I shot a 448.

We both used to shoot in the mid 500’s.

Practice makes perfect, they say….the inverse is true as well.

I did do OK at 7 yards with my carry gun and a 5″ 1911, but even there, the lack of practice showed in the groups….Like from 3″ rapid fire to 5″ groups. I was center mass on a B-29, but still. When I went to do Mozambique drills, I tended to miss the head shots.

My mag reloads suffered too.

Gotta spend more time with snap caps and the LaserLyte at home. My form sucked. 

Practice. I needs it.