So I talked with another Deputy Sheriff this afternoon (Thursday)…He stopped in to use the bathroom. When he was done, he and I chatted for a few minutes. Good cop, decent person…Takes his job seriously.

I asked his take on the possibility of riots after the Zimmerman verdict is announced…

A little background:

We are about 25 miles south of Gary Indiana…and less than 40 from Chicago’s (in)famous South Side. Very rural, and mostly white farm families.

Anyway, he said that they expect issues if and when, in the cities. 

His hope is that they do not announce on a Friday or Saturday or Sunday. That will guarantee trouble.

He also said that when the announcement happens, we should be on the lookout for “ghetto cruisers”….cars that don’t belong to the area…likely with 3 or more “Yoots”.

I suggested that the farmers on the area would be able to deal with any issues better than the police could (most of them own backhoes….).

His point: “We don’t need to start this all over again, and we’d hate to see a farmer have to go through what Zimmerman is going through right now..You know some folks would use that to stir more  trouble too….If someone has to shoot someone, we’d rather it is a cop than a citizen….especially right now”.

He asked that if we see a ghetto cruiser with yoots that we call them with vehicle description and plate number…..He promised quick action.

They (the cops) do expect trouble….and they do expect that some of  the “Yoots” will go hunting.

Hope he is wrong. 

Hope the “yoots” don’t underestimate those mild mannered farmers either.

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  1. Depends on the soil, of course, but a gibbet is more effective than a hole most times anyway.

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