Holder’s minions

Apparently spent some of YOUR and MY money to help foment protests in the events leading up to the decision to charge George Zimmerman with Murder.

Yep, the DOJ spent money helping organize the protests that led (eventually) to the State of Florida deciding to charge Mr. Zimmerman for defending himself.

Our tax dollars being spent to drum up charges. To anger and incite the Black community….coincidentally just before an election…..the (hoped for) re-election of the first Black President (sorry Mr. Clinton, it weren’t you).

Did this help Mr Obama by stirring up the base of black democratic voters who otherwise would not have bothered to vote? Very likely.

And now, as the closing arguments begin tomorrow (Thursday) and it appears that any sane jury will acquit G. Zimmerman of murder…leading to (likely) rioting in the more densely populated black communities in our nation….The Black Panthers are apparently planning on it…

Will those same people in the DOJ be charged with murder when someone dies because of the riots?

Will they decide that the price paid by some person caught up in the rioting will be worth the result? Whether charged or not, those people have to know that they are responsible for the result. Was ensuring the re-election of Barry worth it?

I hoe they can look at themselves in the mirror

But even more importantly, will our Senators and Congressmen let the Minions of Holder get away with spending taxpayer supplied funds for this purpose?