Here’s how they’ll get the leaders

of the “Opposition”

First they’ll get your passwords without you knowing.

Then they’ll send illegal material to you and open it using your email password. Or, using your email and password, send something containing an illegal item

If the attachments contained, say,espionage items, government secrets or child porn, you are screwed. Especially if they “originated” from your email.

And you don’t have any idea that they are doing it until the authorities kick down your door and arrest you. Yes, I am sure they will have a warrant this time. After all, the proof is right there in your email, and internet history, isn’t it?

But the behavior of the “Justice” Department under Eric Holder would not leave such actions unthinkable, now would they?

Think I am crazy? Maybe I am.  But I’ve been called that before. I could actually be crazy….But I think I am not.
Best thing to do is upgrade your passwords to include both upper and lower case letters and a special symbol, such as !,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,(,) etc.

But if the NSA works at it, they are gonna break your password.

You can, if using Gmail, have them send a secondary login (text)to your phone, but I don’t know if this would help against the NSA.

Yeah, I am paranoid (and maybe crazy), but then again, I was paranoid when  I said that the NSA was watching your cell phone and reading your email a few years ago….Wasn’t I?

Watch your back. and your email.

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  1. A simpler and perhaps more mentally healthy solution is to bail out of the Internet. I keep considering it, at least in terms of losing the email and the blog. I've already given up on forums.

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