Hard to argue with:

I’ve been pussyfooting around the race issue for a while.

Never could come up with the words to say what I wanted to say.

And, while there are issues with racism and racial bias in this country, there seems to me to be a disconnect…..

This says it well. Read it. Tell me where he is wrong.

There are many advantages for black people, if they are willing to take them. Hiring preferences, scholarship preferences, grants and other incentives that just simply don’t exist for the rest of us.

Of course, one of the big barriers to such incentives and advantages is that you cant’t be a criminal. Can’t have a criminal record. Can’t be a drug user. Gotta behave and be a decent person. Might even help if you didn’t speak with such an accent that most people cannot understand you.

If that is bias, or racism, then I just don’t see how to help.

If your whole lifestyle is based on being a criminal, taking whatever you can get today, and never having a thought for the future….Then you cannot ever elevate yourself in this society. At least not the one which I live in, and which many complain that they are restricted from.

Again: Read this. Pass it on. Tell me where the author is mistaken.

2 thoughts on “Hard to argue with:

  1. I hear ya, Mr. B. I've been looking for a leader among us that speaks on race from a position of knowledge and authority. Someone who not just points to the problems, but offers real solutions (read politically incorrect).

    Take a look at Fred Reed. I just read his first book, Nekkid in Austin. Vietnam vet, former police reporter, and excellent writer. He's like a Mr. B. with more time on his hands! 🙂


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