You’ll need a double layer of tinfoil for your hat

But then again, it is not outside of the realm of possibility.

Especially now that we KNOW that emails, phones and cell phones are vulnerable.

Did NSA and DOJ tap Robert’s phone to get information they could use against him?

Maybe. Who knows?

But his change of heart regarding Obamacare was…..shocking and quick.

Many of us speculated what the government (and the Obama Administration and the DNC) had on him to make him change his mind so rapidly and completely.

Likely, we will never know.

But here is and interesting article regarding the methods that may have been used to gather information.

Points to remember:

NEVER, ever put anything incriminating in an email, or use email to send information you want to keep secret. Always assume that emails will be read. Treat them as if they were as private as a postcard.

NEVER, ever, say anything on a cell phone that you don’t want overheard.

NEVER, ever call or email someone you don’t want anyone else to know you have contacted.

Remember: Big Brother IS watching you.

3 people CAN keep a secret….if two of them are dead.

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