Yet, strangely, they are all retiring

And somewhat early too.

All the folks at the IRS who were at the top of the management chain that somehow let all those Rouge Agents” at the IRS do all of that profiling of conservative groups filing for 501-(X) nonprofit status are, strangely, resigned, retired or scheduled to retire soon, or are on administrative leave….. 

Interesting, innit?

Seems to me that their retirement pensions should be forfeit. Breaking the p[ublic trust (if not laws) should take care of that.

Really, if we want this to never happen again, then people need to be kicked out of government service, have their pensions stripped if recently retired (or if at any time they were a part of this debacle) and/or (I especially like AND) serve jail time.

If the current civil service laws don’t allow for this sort of punishment, then they should, after careful deliberation, be re-written so as to allow it NEXT time there is a revelation of this magnitude….Especially with Obamacare just around the corner.