So y’all thought I was crazy

(Or at least some of you did)….Because of this post

But I wasn’t.

They are watching you….one way or another.

You can hope, like me, that you are unimportant enough for them to pay much attention to, but the fact is that the DHS/DOJ/FBI IS watching you. Tracking your calls and your movements  They are, if not watching you, at least collecting the data so when the choose to pay attention to you, they have history on you..

Now, likely, you are like me. You are in (mostly) the same places at the (mostly) same times…You call (mostly) the same people…

(Mostly) the same people call you.

Same with your texts.

Likely same with your emails.

And you aren’t really doing anything that terribly exciting or interesting to the feds.

So you really don’t care. If you are like me, the fact that some faceless bureaucrat can track your movements and calls and emails (H/T Borepatch) doesn’t really bother you because you are not doing anything illegal.

But really, folks, how long until the fact that you are reading this blog makes you illegal? How long until voting against the party currently in power becomes illegal.

How long until some faceless bureaucrat running the local Obamacare
office checks up on you to see who you associate with, who you call, or
who you email and text with……Then decides you don’t need that
antibiotic, or that test or x-ray or MRI…or that appointment with the
foot specialist (in 6 months) because he/she disapproves of your circle
of friends and acquaintances.

How long until some faceless bureaucrat decides you are illegal simply because your opinion differs from that of your current ruler leader.

What happens then? What happens if they decide you are and enemy of the state?
Your phone makes you trackable and the calls you make will help make their case at the prosecution.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a secondary method of communication that while trackable, isn’t tied to you? At least have that option?  You should also have at least one or two free, anonymous emails that you have set up, not from your home but rather from a free public internet site (Starbucks/McDonald’s etc) not too close to your home (in fact, as far away as possible) so you can, for a time, communicate without the .Gov being able to find it.

But then again, maybe those folks who said I am paranoid are right.
No need for any of this, we should trust in our government and its minions.
Such things could never happen here…

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