SO we know that the DHS is watchin

all of our cell phones…

Looking at who called who, from where (cell tower data) and for how long.


They claim that they need this data as a part of the “War on Terror” (even though, according to Obama, that war is OVER)…

Yet, for some inexplicable reason, despite having warning from the Brits, the Russians, and apparently any agency which ever heard of them, they DHS, even with all that cell phone metadata, was unable to connect the dots….THat these people were not only likely terrorists, but that they had been calling other known terrorists in their homeland.

But they need all that cell phone data….Apparently to spend more time looking at possible domestic terrorists….homegrown ones. You know, those gun and bible clingin’ Tea Party types.

The ones they originally blamed the Boston Bombings on.

If it werent’s so sad and disgusting, it’d be funny.

They get to spend our money to spy on us to keep us safe.

(in an unconstitutional manner, IMO)

But they are looking in the wrong direction.


One thought on “SO we know that the DHS is watchin

  1. As usual the 'agencies' aren't talking… THAT is the bigger problem…

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