Is it legal for the authorities in greater Boston to force (Order) people in certain locations to stay in their homes? Can they enforce that order, legally?

Can they prevent you from going to work?

From going to your friends home?

From going shopping?

Can they order businesses closed?

Search homes without a warrant?

They can order you to do so… But can they legally enforce it?  Can they order a store or gas station to close?

The Police obviously did think that their orders were legal, and the populace (obviously) obeyed.

But did they have to obey those orders? Did those people have to stay home from work?

Where I live, those orders would be unenforceable. Not legal.

Now, make no mistake, if a crazed person were running round with explosives while being hunted by the police, following those orders might just be a good idea. Probably save a lot of hassle if you did so.

But One wonders if they were really legal.  Really enforceable. Or if the populace just went along. Which isn’t, really, such a bad idea in this instance. 

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  1. I was wondering today what would happen if a homeowner refused to allow the SWAT team to search their home.
    I'm guessing a dead dog and an arrest for obstruction at the least.

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