No matter

How you look at it, Today was really the birth of our nation:

On this day in1775, thanks to the warning issued by William Dawes and Paul Revere, the colonists were ready to resist.attempted confiscation..Ready to resist the  King… Ready for the attempt to restrict their freedoms and options  Today, really is the anniversary of the beginning of our country. This was the day of resistance. The day that people stood up and said “Enough!”.  This was the day, so long ago, that the founders of our country chose to determine their own fate and told the King that he no longer ruled them.That they would not be kept as serfs, but rather would determine their own fate,

Was it desperation that made them make that choice? Fear that they had no choice…that if they allowed the agents and soldiers of the King to take action that they would never have another chance….never again have the ability to choose their future? Likely we will never know. All we know is that they did make that choice, and in doing so, set into motion a chain of events which led to the birth of a great nation. One that we are citizens of today. It led to the creation of a set of rules that allowed freedom with responsibility and which gave the citizens the ability to flourish under it’s protection.

We owe those folks who stood up all those years ago, for their courage, their determination, and their legacy.