Holy shit!

Terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon.

2 explosions, 1 other device found and defused. 2 dead, 20+injured according to news reports.

No much other news. Of course, this is Bush’s fault. Or right wing guns and Bible clingers.

Might be. Hope not.
Hope they find the perpetrators and hang ’em or shoot ’em.
Good chance of that if they have a defused device.
I’d participate in the firing squad.

Say a prayer to whatever God you talk to for the victims.

Bet that this is used to erode more of our freedoms. 

Interesting viewpoint.  

ETA: Suspect in custody If true

One thought on “Holy shit!

  1. I'm thinking the right response would be more along the lines of what was done to William Wallace. And very publicly. The only thing a barbarian understands is barbarism. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, soul for a soul. Due process, proper conviction, then prompt public execution.

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