THem Vs Us

Think about this:

Hundreds of people are killed in the greater LA area every year. Some, of course, are drug dealers killed buy other drug dealers and such. But many aren’t.

Yet the cops accept these killings of innocents as normal. Part of the day’s events. Just one of those things.

But some dude threatens cops and cop’s families. They mobilize EVERYONE. They shoot at shadows. Nearly kill anyone who they perceive (however wrongly, see my previous posts). The entire LA basin’s police force is focused on one thing, killing Chris Dorner.

Now I understand that they see him as a threat. But it looks to me like the police administration are willing to spend a great deal of overtime putting cops on the street looking for this guy, and in protective details for their own. But they can’t be bothered to do so for the “average” person on the street. No overtime to clean out the bad areas, no manhunts for folks who kill only ordinary citizens.

Why is that?

And another thought:

Christopher Dorner isn’t Superman. He doesn’t appear to have more than average skills with firearms. Nor does he seem to be any more dangerous than  the average firearm owner anywhere else. Yet he has the cops peeing in their boots. Shooting at noises and shadows. Scared enough that they are shooting first and checking later. (and luckily, apparently not aiming either)

If people chose to, (and lets face it, there are more of us than there are of them, and it is a good thing that we are all decent law abiding citizens, at least so far) how much fear, chaos and damage could we citizens do to the police should we choose to make that happen? To emulate the example of Christopher Dorner? To go hunting?To target them? What happens when death comes from 600 yards away? When ambushes happen?  What happens when the citizens grow tired of the abuses?

‘Cause the only thing that keeps us at bay is the rule of (and belief in) the law. Common decency and the fact that we respect (so far) the laws enough to overlook much of the behavior of the police.

Should that change, then what? What will they do? One dude has them scared. What happens when it becomes many people? People who have real serious skills, not cop level skills. People who practice for fun, not because it is part of the job. Think that’ll be different than ganging up 10-1 on some street level gang banger and his friends at night?

Methinks this needs pondering.

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  1. We've already been discussing this… 10 or 100… What would ANY PD do then???

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