If I had a pickup

Any pickup, Any truck at all…. and I lived in or near LA…..Any color, any make, any model, any age….

I think I’d park it right now, in order to keep the LA law enforcement community from mistaking it for one driven (Or, more likely abandoned by now) by Christopher Dorner, the fugitive.

Seems that the cops in the greater Los Angeles area can’t determine color, make or model of a truck. Can’t determine the size or race of the driver. Luckily for one pickup driver, David Perdue, they can’t hit anything that they shoot at either. I figure he is, thanks to the Torrance cops, set for life(after the lawsuit).

     David Perdue was on his way to sneak in some surfing before work
Thursday morning when          police flagged him down. They asked who he was and
where he was headed, then sent him on his way.

Seconds later, Perdue’s attorney said, a Torrance police cruiser
slammed into his pickup and officers opened fire; none of the bullets
struck Perdue.

His pickup, police later explained, matched the description of the one belonging to Christopher Jordan Dorner
— the ex-cop who has evaded authorities after allegedly killing three
and wounding two more. But the pickups were different makes and colors.
And Perdue looks nothing like Dorner: He’s several inches shorter and
about a hundred pounds lighter. And Perdue is white; Dorner is black.

“I don’t want to use the word buffoonery
but it really is unbridled police lawlessness,” said Robert Sheahen,
Perdue’s attorney. “These people need training and they need restraint.”

The incident involving Perdue was the second time police looking for the fugitive former LAPD officer opened fire on someone else. The shootings have raised concerns that the fear Dorner has instilled has added another layer of danger.

Seriously. This is scary. I realize that the man is a danger to police…I realize that he is a dangerous individual. That he has a mission, and has killed or wounded several people, all police officers or related to the police department.

But is there any excuse for this behavior? Any excuse for endangering the lives of the citizens that the police are sworn to “serve and protect?

Rule one: “Know your target and what is beyond it”…..Fail.

If you, or I, or any group of gun people were to handle their firearms in such an unsafe manner, we’d be disarmed, jailed, and punished…. and rightfully so. Are the cops disarmed? Jailed?

Chris Dorner must have them TERRIFIED. Scared shitless. Absolutely quaking in their jackboots.

But their behavior is inexcusable. Period. Shooting at a white guy because he is in a pickup of a different make and model when they are looking for a black guy in another pickup of a different type is just plain crazy. Apparently, the cops are a greater danger to the public than the fugitive they are seeking.

These incidents show, however, the mentality that the police in larger cities have.  THey really aren’t worried about the safety of anyone but their own.

And that should frighten and anger you.

Plan accordigly.


4 thoughts on “If I had a pickup

  1. yep. Now they are seeing the otherside so to speak.

  2. Concur, and yes, now the shoe is on the other foot and they DON'T like it!

  3. This exposes a weak underbelly: What would happen if a group of individuals announced that they were going to begin targeting cops nation wide? A small terror cell could kill maybe 30 or 40 cops or family members of cops, and let the panicked reaction of the police net them a large number of police shootings.

    Since the goal of a terrorist is to sew terror, this would be a golden target. Don't think that the terrorists aren't watching and learning.

  4. It's Rule 4, Rule 1 is "Every firearm is always loaded".

    Otherwise, great post.

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