One year review: Belt.

BestBelt by Michael. (EvylRobot).

A little over a year ago, I saw Michael’s holster site for the and his sooper-dooper extra strong incredible belt.

Since I carry every day (sometimes a snubby revolver, sometimes a full size 1911, and other assorted firearms), I have worn out my share of belts. Generally they stretch and become twisted, and eventually provide no support for my firearms. I hate it when an IWB holster isn’t secure because the belt allows the holster to flop around.I generally can’t find a belt that lasts longer than 4-6 months before it is stretched out and useless.

Enter the “Best Belt”.( Guaranteed forever, plus 6 months. Higher in nutrition and whitens teeth better than…..Wait, just guaranteed forever.

This is a well built item. 2 layers of leather with some sort of artificially man made fiber (maybe kevlar?) sandwiched in between. It has held up to nearly daily wear (at lest 8 hours a day) for over a year.

When I got the belt, it was, to be frank, very stiff. Stiff enough to keep your pants standing up without you being in them. Stiff enough that the belt would not stay coiled. A bit of use, the belt became a lot less stiff. Not as supple and flexible as a “normal” leather belt, but soft enough.

The leather has held up well, keeping it’s shine and color. It has remained new looking and good looking enough that I ordered another one a few months later, only with a basket weave pattern instead of asmooth plain finish.

 Not a s cheap as those belts you’ll find at the flea market, but better made and longer lasting.

Need a belt that will hold up well? That you can use to tow a car? A truck? Maybe even a 747? Possibly the Space Shuttle? That is sturdy enough to hold a full size pistol and holster in daily wear and for over a year and stay good looking? Then this is the belt for you.