Gunshow AAR

Valpo gunshow yesterday.

Lots of people. The line was seldom less than 150 people long, even after noon. My understanding was that at the opening bell there were in excess of 700 people in line, waiting for the doors to open. I don’t know what the attendance numbers will be, but the gate collection must have been huge. Likely the Dunes Rifle and Pistol club made a profit on the day. Big time.

There were few deals to be had. Evil Black Rifles/Assault Weapons were available, but at very high prices. Saw a few enterprising capitalists carrying such rifles for sale, but at highly inflated prices, and few buyers. Ammo was available at inflated pricing. 5.56×45 available in limited quantities at $1.00 per round. Other calibers available at similar prices/availabilities.

Reloading supplies were similar. Pricing was inflated, and supplies/selection was limited.

Pistols were available, in quantities. Prices were fairly high, near MSRP. Sales were…brisk. LOTS of women buying.

Most vendors that I know….And I know a fair percentage of them at this show, all agree that pricing will likely return to near pre-Newtown levels in 3-5 months.  Maybe. Probably. 

I gotta say that the attitude of the crowd was….dispirited. Everyone was, of course, polite. (Never yet seen a gunshow crowd that wasn’t!). But the attitude was not as genial and happy as that of past gushows. Both vendors and buyers were different in attitude. Hard to put a finger on. Stressed.

I did see OG and Partner in passing, but he was coming in as I was leaving, so we didn’t spend much time together….Maybe next time. 

3 thoughts on “Gunshow AAR

  1. The attitude seems to be the same at most if not ALL of the local shows. Although I didn't say it, I sensed the similar attitude at the Chantilly Gun Show.

  2. If I had to bet I would say it is stress. A number of these folks are looking up from the rush of constant sales and inflated profits taking note of their empty shelves/depleted stores and realizing they either stop selling and become unemployed because their resupply prices are catching up to them or the liberals may get their way and it won;t matter what they want to do.

    Alot of these places made some big money but unless they stop they are going to shell out big money to resupply and may get scalped if prices drop.

    Long term customers are being priced right out and only the emergency buyers with savings are jumping now. Kinda makes a very unstable and risky base for high dollar restocking.

    I have made a trip to a gun show and to a major reloading supplier's store front along with some big box sporting/shooting stores and honestly there isn't anything for me to even buy now. I have enough that their prices are just so ridiculous I won't even bother even if they have something I could use. It seems steel cased ammo is about all I see for sale and I just don;t buy that stuff.

    They made some money but the future sure isn't bright for them or certain.

  3. It was good to see you; I hope we can get together sometime soon and spend some more time.

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