Tired….and angry. Part 2

And you, you government people, Especially you Democrat/Liberals. (But this also applies to most establishment Republicans too)

I am tired. And Angry.

I am tired of you, who purport to be such high minded individuals. You have your agenda, and I understand that. But I am tired and angry at those who lie and cheat, who twist the laws to their own ends and agendas.

You who pay off your campaign donors with sweetheart deals, with Taxpayer money (actually Chinese loans that the taxpayers will someday have to repay).

You who fail to secure our borders, weakening our security and our economy, and allowing tons of drugs to flow into our country to damage our youth in communities which can afford it the least, yet who ever expands the TSA, spending BILLIONS of dollars on “Homeland Security” while trampling on our Constitutional rights.

You, whose “Justice” Department is blatantly racist, which fails to enforce the law evenhandedly, and who doesn’t even pretend to be interested in “Justice”.

All of you, you legislators, who turn a blind eye to, and actively opposes any laws which would reduce voter fraud, turning our elections into a joke, something which we would expect in a third world dictatorship, or be likely to find in a South American “Banana Republic”.  You fail to uphold current laws, and refuse to do anything to reduce fraud, all because it currently favors you, the Republic be damned. You, who subsidizes the very organizations which have been proven to be committing some of the voter fraud with taxpayers money. You who fight lawsuits or legislation which would stop or reduce this voter fraud, again using the taxpayer funds.

And you, the “Opposition” You Republicans, What are you doing to stop this? How are you preventing these crimes?  How is it that there has not been an impeachment? How is it that the charges have not been laid and trials convened? How is it that your fellows are not jailed? Are you as weak as it appears? Or are you complicit in these crimes?

You fail to follow the Constitution, fail to even pretend to honor your oaths. You have broken your oath of office so many times we expect it, we expect you to be liars, cheaters, and thieves. You have not disappointed us in that respect.

You swore an oath to the People of this country, to follow the Constitution. Yet you use it as a rag, waving it when you feel the need, holding it as a shield to further your goals, yet wiping the floor with it when it becomes an impediment to your aims.

You Sirs and Madams, should be tried for treason. All of you. For the violation of your oaths, and for your violation of our laws. For your failures to the American people and to the Constitution.

You disgust me. Much in the same way as I hold the “Press” in disgust. Yet you disgust me even more. They never swore an oath. You did. You too have become a cancer in the body of this country. You have become a disease. A tumor. A festering pustulence which leaches off the very body it claims to serve.

All of you deserve trials and no doubt imprisonment, if not worse. You should all be tried for treason. The evidence is clear.