Tired….and angry. Part 1

Ya know, I am tired and angry:

I am tired of the news media. Tired of their shilling for one liberal viewpoint or another under the pretense of “news”.

Tired of agenda driven “news”.

I am tired of the total lack of any pretense of impartiality, non-partisanship, or objectivity.

You fail to report on things like voter fraud,

Fast and Furious,

“Crony Capitalism”,

The injustices done at the “Justice” Department.

You attempt to influence public opinion, at the expense of the truth, all so you can push and enable your liberal agenda.

You make excuses for the “entitlement class” and scream loudly if they do not get all that they want, much more than they deserve. You decry racism, yet you practice it daily, denigrating a white victim (if you even bother to report their race) while shielding
the races of the criminals, unless they too happen to be white. You make
excuses for the other races, as if they were lesser, or as if their
poor behavior was to be expected, yet you  pretend to believe in equality, when it suits your needs.

You stand upon the Constitution, and cry for freedom of the press, yet you excuse the trampling of the Constitution when it suits you needs or fits your agenda.

You disgust me. You, the “Press”, once a respected institution of truth who brought to light excesses and overstepping of government and private business alike, who were once respected guardians of our nation, our Constitution and our way of life, have become something else. Something disgusting, and slimy, and cheap.

You have become a cancer, a pustule, a detriment to the Country and it’s citizens. You have become a Disease, a leech, a poison to this country and our way of life. You are a poison to that which made this country great.

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