There is nothing quite so rewarding

As that “New Shooter Smile”.

Actually there are many things that are so rewarding, but that smile is one of them.

Spent Saturday morning with a bunch of people helping teach an NRA First Steps pistol course put on by my local private shooting club.

Had 24 people show up, the Max our classroom can hold. If we could have held a class with 50 we’d have been able fill it. The demand for these classes has exploded.

18 of the 24 had never held a firearm in their life. Most planned to purchase one soon, or had just done so in response to the gun grab they all expect soon.  There were 2 families. Dad, Mom, and 3 daughters, and Dad, Mom and 2 sons.

After the classroom time, we went to the range and that, of course, is where I got to see the “New Shooter Smiles”.

Mom and Daughters were a bit afraid, but excellent students. Mom was
shaking the first time she pulled the trigger, but was hitting her
target regularly at the end She’ll be a gun owner soon. 

Everyone was able to get their shots on target at 7 yards before they left, and they all knew how to handle, clean, load, unload and store their firearms safely.

The smiles that I saw as they left made spending a Saturday worth it.