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Sadly, the Federal Government chooses to lessen (and dilute) the honor they gave the Late Martin Luther King Jr. by moving the celebration of the date of his birth in order to make a three day weekend for Federal and State workers rather than honor him on his actual birthday. (his actual birthday was Jan 15, not the 20th) but that wouldn’t have facilitated a three day weekend….

But think about this: He felt that he needed firearms to protect himself, and he was surrounded much of the time by other people with guns, in order to protect him and his family. 

He may have embraced nonviolence, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t believe in protecting himself when attacked.

You’ll likely not hear that part of the story when everyone pontificates on Monday, the (non)birthday celebration.

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  1. That actually mirrors what the politicians believe. They aren't against guns for themselves, just the rest of us. Heck, Senator Feinstein carried and doesn't believe others should. She doesn't need to anymore now that she can have armed security.

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