“Immigration reform”

11 or 12 or 15 million new democratic voters….
(The number varies depending on who you listen to). Liberals want to grant them amnesty.

The message: Come here, wait long enough, break the law long enough, and we will reward you with citizenship.

While I feel sorry for those folks who have been here for a long time, who raised a family and put down roots here, they chose to do so illegally. They chose to live the life they did. I feel for people whose better option is to live in this country illegally. What a terrible place they must have moved from for that to be a better choice.

But I do not want a blanket amnesty like 1986, which gave 3 million law breakers, people who chose to cheat, and who had no real ties to this country, no “skin in the game”  no loyalty to this country and what it stands for , who cared only for the economic wealth and the security living in this country provides. People who then began agitating for MORE amnesties, and MORE entry barriers to be taken down. Whose loyalties were to their race and culture, not to the Constitution nor the rule of law. Who made the barrios even worse than they were before, because they had no fear of deportation.

That amnesty left us with an emboldened group of illegal immigrants, a larger pool of crime, and still, thanks to a series of lawsuits (and a congress who lied to us), a border no more secure than when the “conversation” on the issue began. Essentially, the amnesty in 1986 gave us nothing but trouble.

Fast forward to today. Same thing, only 11 or 12 or 15 million more people who owe no allegiance to this country, to it’s laws, nor to it’s Constitution. More people who will not assimilate into the “Great Melting Pot:, but will, rather invade.

And an invasion it is. Aided by our liberal leaders, who kowtow to those same people who gained legitimacy in the last amnesty.  Invasion because no assimilation. Invasion because no melding of culture. Invasion because they agitate for an Hispanic state…the return of Azatlan. An invasion, because they owe a greater allegiance to other brown people from Mexico or “Latino culture” than they do to the country they are invading. They have no interest in our laws.

While I think it would be difficult to round ’em up and deport ’em. It would not be difficult to get them to self deport. large enough fines would be a method to discourage anyone from employing them. Cutting off any “entitlements” unless they prove citizenship wouldn’t hurt either. No money, they’ll move back home.

But the real point of this diatribe is that the pro amnesty forces are working in the background while the rest of us are watching the gun control farce hearings

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  1. We no longer have any congress critters that will do what is right and needs doing. It is all about how they can get votes. In 1954, the government knew how to get things done. They had "Operation Wetback"(their name not mine). It had Illegals deporting themselves in droves and those that didn't were helped to do so. They were put on ships and taken several hundred miles south of the border so as to keep them from turning around and reentering the country right away. It is a shame we don't have politicians that can deliver anymore.

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