So will Holder investigate?

I don’t doubt that Obama won the Presidential election. He won even over the “Margin of Frud” (didn’t he???) that we all expected. The sad part is that we even use the term “Margin of Fraud”.

But the sad part is that we expected it. The sad part is that we all, every citizen of this country, KNEW that voter fraud was going to happen, and that 99% of it would be done by Democrats.

KNEW it. Knew that it would happen. Knew that it would occur (mostly) in “blue” areas.

Yet we choose to let it slide. We choose to look the other way and accept that this fraud happens. We CHOOSE to allow the courts to stop Voter ID which would prevent the fraud. We do not demand better controls, and we fail to demand prosecution when fraud happens.

We allow things like THIS to happen. And we allow and accept that people like Al Franken will be elected in ways like THIS. Where hundreds of ballots “accidentally” are “found” a day later in an election supervisors car, with a statistically improbable proportion for the DNC candidate (which, incidentally elected Mr Franklin the elected candidate which likely made the majority needed to put Obamacare over the top).

We, the populace, allow this to happen. We, in fact, expect it. But we allow it. We feel that it is OK, and that democratic fraud is a part of the process. We make jokes about Chicago, “where the dead rise and vote” and the statement from Chicago Mayor Richard J Daley about “vote early and often”. We expect that this sort of fraud will happen in DNC strongholds. We ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN. And in doing so, we disenfranchise many voters whose votes are offset by the fraudulent votes.

How do we stop it? I have ideas, but not on a public forum. I’m not advocating (yet) the cartridge box over the ballot box. And I am open to ideas.

But we have to do something. The press is in the pocket of the DNC. The “Fourth Estate”, which has so much power and special Constitutional protection, isn’t doing it’s job. It is not bringing this to light for the citizens to see.It is, in effect, encouraging it by ignoring it.

And so are we. We allow this to happen, and accept it as a part of the process. 108% of the registered voters in one district had their votes count….. 99% of any district voting for one candidate? (where the election inspectors were (mistakenly) illegally removed. It’s not the fraud that bothers me, because I expect it too. It is the blatant disregard for the law and the fact that it is so (smugly) obvious, and yet it happens with the full (smug) knowledge that there will be no repercussions. With the thought that you and I are stupid enough to believe it and that they can get away with such obvious fraud. Get away with it because we will either believe that the results are accurate and true, or because we (you and I and all the rest of the opposition) will be ineffective (or impotent) enough to let them get away with it. And we are.

And we allow it. Over and Over and Over…Election cycle after election cycle.


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  1. We didn't 'choose' the option, any move to actually confront it was 'racist'… sigh

  2. Our favorite author put it succintly:

    "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity."

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